Our Client Philosophy

We are a complete solution for your business and personal insurance needs.

When you started your business, you made a bet on yourself, your talents and your ability to work hard. Running a business can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding.

When you started a family, bought a home or automobile, suddenly, you had a reason to protect everything that is now important to you. Sound about right?

In each example, you have taken the time to make dreams come true. You became informed about options and made educated decisions on how to proceed. The same goes for protecting what is important to you. You are encouraged to go online, do some research and gather information about different types of insurance. After that, it’s time to find an independent agent to put it all together and work with you to accomplish your goals.

This is where we shine and strong relationships are built.

At Commonwealth Property and Casualty Insurance Agency, we know two heads are better that one. Our approach is straightforward and transparent. We analyze your entire insurance situation in order to understand your risks. Then can we create a solution by putting a plan together that addresses the type of coverage you need. There will be no cutting corners or confusion. We work with you and our insurance carrier partners to tailor the plan. We take it a step further by educating you on what you are purchasing. It is important for you to know and understand your key coverages.

Our team comes with over 75 years of insurance experience that has guided thousands of businesses, families, and individuals on the right path. You will have the insurance needed to protect what matters the most to you.

Let’s have a conversation today about your insurance needs and how best to find the right solution for you.